Redesigning your office?

Download our redesign white paper and card sorting exercise.

How to Redesign Your Office

A proven process you can use for your next office redesign

Over the past few years, Visualhero nearly doubled in size and it became apparent that our space was no longer meeting the needs of our team. Because we can’t help but use design in everything we do, we approached our office redesign just like we approach any project: with curiosity, passion and a commitment to doing what’s best for the user.

Working in the redesigned office

Many companies settle for fitting the space they have, rather than creating a space specifically for their needs.

Through research, group participation, and frequent communication, we kicked off a renovation to our space with Rockford Construction. Like any design project, this process was imperfect and messy at times, but it engaged the whole team to help create a space where we work well together.

Check out our new space and learn about our process in the video below. Also, feel free to download our office renovation resources for your next project:

Questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to share more about how it went!