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From idea to innovative branding, application and business model

Zipments came to Visualhero with an idea.

A very, very good idea. A locally based courier service open to the public. Have an hour to kill and want to make some money? Sign up to be a courier and get started! Need a package delivered across town right away? Hop online, see which couriers are available and compare prices. They had modeled it in a loose technical prototype, but they had not yet connected the experience, brand and interface together.

We helped the Zipments team select a name and identity that fit with the user research that we conducted.

That's where we came in. With an identity established, we then put together a comprehensive, end-to-end experience for their user. This included everything from how customers would hand off packages to how couriers would report a successful delivery. Because deliveries would be occurring on the go, a mobile application was essential, so we crafted the user experience and interface design for all user flows of the application.

Our work with Zipments is a great example of how extensive user mapping can improve a digital experience. By having a clear understanding of every touchpoint in a user's interaction the product, we were able to design an application that did much more than get a package across town.

“We needed a partner to craft the right experience for our project. Visualhero added what was necessary when technology (simple prototype) alone was not enough.”

Garrick Pohl CEO, Zipments