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Available positions at Visualhero

It’s been just over eight months since we officially combined Visualhero’s design practice with OST. As our two companies have come together, we’re seeing firsthand that it’s this magical intersection of design, technology, and business where great products and services are made. 

We’re constantly uncovering new opportunities to work together on projects, specifically those focused on: User Experience Design, Organizational & Product Strategy, Innovation Services, and Communication Design. 

These new opportunities mean (you guessed it), new job openings!

Specifically, we’re seeking two Senior User Experience designers — one to work with our team in Grand Rapids and another to be our hero to be based in Minneapolis.

To read the full job postings and apply through OST, click below: 

Sr. UX Designer  —  Full Time | Grand Rapids, MI
Sr. UX Designer  —  Contract | Southfield, MI
Sr. UX Designer  —  Contract | Minneapolis, MN
Sr. UX Designer  —  Contract | Grand Rapids, MI