Multi-Disciplined Do’ers

We’re not just designers. We’re opportunity catalysts.

A brief glance around our studio shows evidence of creativity and work being accomplished. Our tools—gadgets, Sharpies, paper, white boards—are everywhere. Designers mill about, critiquing work, talking, discussing, debating and making.

Every member of our team has a unique skill set, and we use this to your advantage. In fact, we collaborate the same way with our clients as we do among ourselves, allowing you to fuel the design process.

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Visual Stories

Form, Function and Meaning

Our work takes many forms to visually tell the story of your product, service or brand. These are the methods in which we deliver your vision. We shape your vision, present it through graphics or a demo and make it a reality through crafting a design and guiding delivery.

We believe good design has three parts. It needs meaning, must take a form and has to function. Without even one of these aspects, the true value of design falls apart. With this approach we deliver the following services:

  • Research Exercises
  • Graphic Recording
  • Data Visualizations
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Interface Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Customer Experience

Look. Understand. Make.

Iteration without Hesitation

As designers we are in a great position to not only think strategically (design thinking), but to translate your vision by making (design doing). We start by exploring and researching every facet of your product, service or brand. What do your users need? What is the voice and messaging? How can people engage and interact clearly, concisely and definitively? When we have the answers to these questions, we make something to prove it. Our visual stories throughout the process identify opportunities for your vision to take shape.

Partners in Design

Keys to our succcess

Large clients, small clients, high-profile and top-secret clients. Creating meaningful, delightful and useful products and services makes us happy. Some clients love when we show off our collaboration. Others prefer we keep things under wraps. We value each client’s trust in us and willingness to collaborate on creating great things. Ultimately it is our clients who allow us to stay independent and unique.

Who we work with:
  • Development Teams
  • Innovators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives/Leadership
  • Marketing Teams
  • IT Teams
  • ID Teams
  • Design Teams


Creating Meaning (Design Research)

There’s a reason our walls are covered in stickies and documents, our whiteboards are slathered in pseudo cave drawings and our people are talking to each other. We’re explorers. We interview, research and analyze your customers and your vision, and through exercises and iteration, help you craft the visual story for that vision. These stories give meaning to your vision and allow you to share it and act upon it.

Delivery methods
  • Research Exercises
  • Graphic Recording
  • Data Visualizations
  • Customer/User Interviews
  • HCD Sessions


Through redesign of the DBC website we engaged in a patient onboarding process to fully understand and reimagine customer experience for the patient. This effort resulted in a new website, brand messaging and process practices for the firm.


We supported the Amway team through a variety of innovations creating visualizations of human centered design exercises and informing through presentation. Here are some detial of concept work to give a sense of the type of work done. All items here are concept and not final deliverables.


Human Centered innovation support provided for a weeklong workshop. Visualhero delivered design assets which included workshop cards and a visualization workshop on day 3.

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Crafting Form (Visual Design)

We have a healthy obsession with pixels, typography and color, among other designerly things. Our visual designs makes information tell a story, identities that entice and hold brands together, graphic design that sings its message and interfaces that overshadow the devices for which they’re built. The form enhances the meaning and function of design and is the visual result of true design value.

Delivery methods
  • Logo Indentities
  • Brand Standards
  • Collateral Materials
  • Websites
  • Exhibit and Wayfinding
  • App Interface Design
  • Mobile App UIs
  • Embedded Interfaces

Holland BPW

We created the concept, illustrations and Interface design for the 2011 Holland Board of Public Works Annual Report. We focused on telling a story through visuals of everything the BPW does by highlights its successes through a visually stunning and easy to use interactive annual report.
View the Annual Report Website


We crafted the design of True Identity signature, planning, architecture and design of the website. Our design also set the premise for other digital branding such as digital walls at Neocon, which we also created.

Hudsonville Ice Cream

We planned and redesigned the full website for Hudsonville Ice Cream.

UAB Medicine

University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical website design. Designed in collaboration with UAB and Element 115 the full website can be found here.

Coe Dentistry

We rebranded a local Dentistry to be more family friendly.


An initial identity, website and materials for Michigan based venture and seed accelerator.


Identity mark for Surus, a third party logistics company. (Surus is a historic war elephant that was used for logistics crossing the alps.)

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Ensuring Function (Experience Design)

We put a lot of thought into making every design easy to use and understand. Your audience will not notice all the hard work that went into the interaction—unless they’re pleasantly surprised.

This is your opportunity to delight. Unexpected enhancements within interaction, user experience and gamification can change workflow, behavior and, yes, your bottom line.

Delivery methods
  • Mobile Apps
  • Browser Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • Embedded Device
  • Touch Screen
  • Workflow processes

Northwestern Memorial

Through collaboration with NWM and Element 115 we designed an asset management tool for Northwest Memorial Hospital.


Identity, branding, customer workflows through application UX and UI we crafted a variety of design deliverables for Zipments.

Foremost Ins.

Interactive disaster modules for created for highlighted the do’s and don’ts of scenarios such as fire and flooding. Both the fire and water module can be found here:

Thought Triggers

We consulted on product concept and innovations of the Thought Triggers. We then delivered upon this vision through user experience and user interface of the application.

Kelloggs / Miron Comm.

Kelloggs sales LMS design and user Portal landing page. We collaborated with Minneapolis based Miron Communications to deliver the experience.


Planning, architecture, UX and UI design of the smartCar owners portal.

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